Amigos Initiative

A program designed to uplift immigrants by guiding them to become successful entrepreneurs and providing essential support services.

Our mission is to build bridges through collaborations and drive employment opportunities for them as independent contractors.

About the program

Starting point

Provide personalized assistance with resume building, interview preparation, and role matching. But we specially need to collaborate with local businesses and organizations to connect immigrants with job opportunities.

Bridge to Others

Advocate for immigrant rights and provide guidance on navigating legal challenges, including immigration issues, housing rights, and access to healthcare and education.

Additional Support

Legal Connections: Partner with legal professionals to offer pro bono legal services, such as immigration consultations, document preparation, and representation in legal matters.

Resource Referrals: Connect immigrants with other vital services, such as language classes, financial literacy programs, childcare assistance, and mental health services.

Networking and Collaboration: Facilitate networking events, business mixers, and collaboration opportunities with industry leaders, investors, and potential clients to promote hiring independent contractors from immigrant communities.

Be an Amigo

Every connection counts.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

– Aesop